The Hottest Hook Up Sites in the UK Today

Hello dear readers. As you might already know, I’m a big fan of hook up sites. I generally find them super exciting and easy-going. Like, you usually know what you’re in for. Let me share with you three of the hottest hook up sites I’ve recently tried so you know what to expect. 😀

What’s a Good Hook Up Site: My Criteria

It’s important to me to start with this section. I think my criteria are pretty general and cover the common things we all want (sometimes without knowing it) from a hook up site.

“So what’s a good hook up site, Emily ?” I hear you ask. Well, to me, it’s a site that will facilitate me meeting sexual partners safely, easily and in a way that is fun. If I’m filtering my selection to a “lesbian woman between 25 and 30” or a “couple looking for a third”, don’t show me anything different.  I want to have fun and I don’t want to waste any time, you know? I know, it sounds like a basic request when joining a hook up sites. But you’d be surprised!

With that in mind, I’ve narrowed down 4 criteria to base our analysis on so that you’re certain to join the best and hottest hook up sites in the UK.

Hook up sites


Of course.

So how can you know the reputation of a hook up site? Easy. Ask your friends. Plus, it’s also a great way to open up the conversation about using hook up or dating sites and to normalize using them, while having a laugh about our experience with them. 

Another way is to trust bloggers like me who are super passionate about them. What I mean is that by being passionate about sex and meeting people online, I deeply research the best platforms out there, I actually test them and spend an incredible amount of time analysing them (so you don’t have to). It means you can trust me: I know what I’m talking about.

The Community

This one is also crucial. First, I expect a good balance of men / women / couples. I also very much want to see a diverse community. What these two things mean is that I want to have options. Like… Sometimes I’m looking for a very specific experience and I need the site to respond positively. You know what I mean? For example, I really wanted to hook up with two older, more experienced men a few weeks ago. Fortunately, I could count on Cheeky Flirt to find my perfect match (I’ll tell you more about this platform in this article). That’s what I’m talking about!

It’s also important that the community is active. I find it very frustrating when people reply to my DM two days later. Fun doesn’t wait!

The Features

I like being able to add advanced filters to my search. As I told you above, I’ll sometimes want a specific experience. Some other times, I’ll just be looking for an easy hook up (and that’s okay too!). In my opinion, some sites don’t have enough filters.

I also like it when hook up sites offer features that seem fresh and different. I like to be positively surprised, you know?

The Price

Of course the price of the subscription matters. I don’t need the site to be free but I don’t want it to be too expensive either. A paid subscription kind of filters who’s on the site. It can also offer you really fun features you won’t get with a free account so it can be worth considering. For a good selection of hot hook ups and a platform that is nice to use, I’m more than happy to pay!

My top 3 of the hottest hook up sites today

Cheeky Flirt


CheekyFlirt is a new British site specialising in quick flirts. I actually find it amazing. Quick and easy to use, it’s become one of my favourites! All you have to do is upload a profile picture and then choose the profile you fancy to send them a contact request. No need to scroll through too many profiles, you can just trust the platform. I told you I don’t like to waste time J
You and your matches can then start messaging each other and use the live cam chat (which I recommend, they can be great fun).

The site will even give you recommendations to get more matches. For example, they tell advise you to avoid photos with landscapes or objects and to avoid showing other people. It’s all about your face and only your face (which leads me to tell you pornographic pictures are not allowed on this site). I also like it when people clearly specify what kind of partner they are looking for (straight, bi, couples, into BDSM, public sex, etc).  

My 3 favourite features on Cheekyflirt:

Here are my 3 favourite features on this site: 

– The possibility to save all my favourite profiles, conversations and members on my dashboard
– Being able to check who’s visited my profile (I like knowing who’s interested)
The webcam-chat. I like playing with live in-person conversations. 

What I liked the least

You need a paid membership in order to access the profiles. Fortunately there are 3 schemes to choose from, and you even get a free trial. Not bad at all.

Overall, I love this hook up site. Great one to flirt on-the-go and it has a very good database of users in the UK. Highly recommended.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder

Also known as AFF, this site is described as “the largest sex & swinger community”. If you’re only looking for a hook up and nothing more, this is a great platform. Everyone on it is here for the same reasons and they are very open-minded. That means you can freely discuss your kinks, fetishes and alt lifestyles. When trying this hook up site, I was surprised to see how willing and eager to meet the members are.

The free subscription will allow you to receive messages from people and check out the profiles that tickle your fancy. But I’ll be honest here, you won’t be able to reply to these messages and find someone to hook up with without paying. I went for a yearly gold membership and found out that the data base is HUGE. I used the advanced search to narrow my selection down and it really helped. Thanks to a series of questions, AFF also assesses your personality in order to find the right matches for you. Basically, no doubt you’ll be able to find hot regular and/or occasional hook ups near you.

My 3 favourite features on Adult Friend Finder:

  • The advanced search is very specific. I got to find someone who is exactly my type AND who has some of the same kinks as mine. We had a great time! You can also use it to find swingers, couples and groups to meet up with.
  • There are many communication features available. It makes it easier to connect with other members using the chat rooms, groups, live streams, and of course direct chat and messaging.
  • There is a dedicated mobile app that’s easy to use and a responsive customer support team available. 

What I liked the least

  • The fake or inactive accounts and bots.
    – If you don’t narrow your search down, you’ll get lost in their huge data base.

Overall, this a really great hook up site that will get you laid, whatever your taste, sexual orientation and kinks are.



I didn’t know much about this one when I decided to sign up, mainly out of curiosity. All I knew about Together2Night was that it prides itself as being specialised in hook-ups and short-term relationship. Perfect: you got my attention guys! I started with a free account, created my profile (user bio, profile pictures, catchy description… you know the drill) and figured out the site only allows you to message five members. I paid for a premium package to find out more and to be able to read all the messages I received.

You know I wouldn’t bullshit you guys so I’ll go straight to the point: I ended up being a bit frustrated with this site. I received loads of messages but, first of all, a lot of them seemed fake, and they rarely led to a date.

My 3 favourite features on Together2Night:

  • This site doesn’t match you with people based on your location but by using your preferences. I like it when it’s different. And if you like online sex, which can be a lot of fun, a long-distance match is not necessarily a problem.
  • Together2night has an app. Very handy when you’re often on the go, like me.
  • Peculiar but a time-saver: you can send a message to all the profiles you are viewing at once. If you have a good pick-up line, this is a chance to send it massively.

What I liked the least

  • Premium membership doesn’t include all the features. Disappointing. It includes added features such as sending/replying to messages but, for example, you’ll have to pay extra to use their “Get read receipts” feature. I’m already a premium member, what do you want from me?
  • Many fake/inactive profiles

Overall, this is not my favourite hook up site.

Hope you liked my reviews of 3 of the hottest hook up sites in the UK. More reviews to come soon. In the meantime, have fun out there!