The Sex Blog from a Libertine Woman

Hello dear readers. And welcome to my sex blog. I am so happy to share my sexperience with you and to have the chance to write about all things libertine.

Here, I’m gonna talk about everything I’m (not so) secretly passionate about: sex, hook-ups and, hook up sites. There’s no taboo on this blog as the whole point is to feel free, adventurous and to have plenty of fun. Welcome!



#Living a Libertine Life

Because having fun and living my life to the fullest are the most important things to me, I have been living a libertine life for a few years now. It has taught me so much about feeling free with my sexuality and exploring all of my desires.

Meeting partners online has also showed me that leaving my sexual comfort zone can also be absolutely mind-blowing and has made me stronger and more confident in my daily life. I am very excited about sharing this journey with you, dear readers, as well as giving you little tips and insights I’ve learnt (and I am still learning) along the way. Hopefully they will inspire you to get out there, explore and get your freak on.


#About Hook Up Sites

I know there’s a plethora of hook up sites online and it’s easy to get lost. That’s why I decided to review the hook up and dating sites I experience on my sex blog. I’ve come up with the criteria I personally find the most important so that, with just one article, you can decide if a site you’ve wanted to try is right for you or will happen to be a waste of time.

Again, I love to have fun. So in my reviews of dating sites, I’ll often give you little anecdotes about the hot dates I’ve had, stories about my latest sexual adventures, a few hot tips to match with more hotties out there, etc. I love trying new things, so I’ll often speak with no taboo about my straight or same-sex hook ups, my experience as a single girl joining a couple of swingers, my fetishes, my BDSM experience and more. I hope you feel curious enough 😉

To be honest, the more I explore and learn, the more I want to share my stories with you guys. So let’s do this together!

Who is Emily

I’ll start by telling you a bit about myself and why I started this blog.

My name is Emily and I’m 30 years old. I am brunette with green eyes, medium height, and I have what I like to call a “voluptuous figure”. That means I have quite large breasts, quite a thin waist. I live in the UK and travel a lot for work.

Oh, I almost forgot. You’ll quickly realise I don’t show my face here. But you’ll know plenty about myself on this blog, and… to be honest… You’ve probably seen my profile on one or several hook up sites. You just don’t know it’s me!