My personal review of Our Time

Have you ever considered joining Our Time, the popular dating site for singles over 50? Well, I recently wondered how dating works when you’re in the 50+ age demographic, so I asked my mum if she’d be keen to collaborate with me on this article. Plus, I wouldn’t be against meeting a hot dad myself.

Are you wondering if Our Time would be a good fit for you to find someone to hook-up or get older with? Well, we decided to find out

Today, let me tell you about our experience of this platform. As you might know, I travel a lot between London and Bristol, two vibrant cities with a lot to offer. Wherever I am, my goal is to have fun in everything I do and to meet people to have fun with along the way. That being said, it can sometimes be tricky to find someone to meet someone in a way that feels fun and easy enough.

And that’s when apps and dating sites come in handy. My libertine lifestyle wouldn’t be the same without using dating sites as tools to facilitate and nourish it. They also help me save an incredible amount of time. My mum is an incredible woman: active, single and fun! And since she’d like to meet someone and engage in a serious relationship now, I thought it would be fun to get on this search together.

Now let’s dive in and see what Our Time has to offer and if it can help you meet your perfect match. I’m also curious to find out if it’s safe and fun to use, as my mum is my favourite person in the world and I want her to have a good time.
After reading my full review, you should be able to assess if this dating app is right for you before registering.

Who am I and why you might want to read my review

My name is Emily and I’m 30 years old. It’s majorly important for me to have fun in every aspect of my life and in everything I do – and that’s what has led me to live a libertine life. This lifestyle makes me incredibly happy. I love exploring my sexuality with or without a partner and gain confidence doing so. I feel more and more empowered in my life and I’m certain it has to do with adopting a libertine lifestyle.

And of course, the more I explore and learn, the more I want to share my experience with you guys. Because I travel a lot, I love meeting new people on dating apps and hook-up sites. It saves time and makes my life easier.

I mostly meet men, but I’ll often meet women as well, and sometimes couples if I’m in the mood.

I hate wasting my time on websites that are not worth it, or that make it more difficult than fun for me to organise dates. So because I want you to have as much fun as me in the bedroom, I will be very honest in my reviews: what I like, what I don’t like and if I think you should avoid the website altogether or if it’s worth giving it a try. If I tell you I like a website, you can trust me: I really do.

What’s Our time?

Our Time is an online dating website and app for singles that are over 50 years old. It is available on iOS, Android and through the web and is highly reputed and popular. Now, as you might already know, popularity doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Especially since this platform is run by Match Group & People Media, HUGE companies that own about 24 targeted dating sites (chances are your profile is already somewhere on one of their platforms) with a big marketing budget.

So that makes me wonder: do they offer a great service that has made them popular? Or are they just very good at selling their product? In this review, I’ll look into every single detail about the Our Time dating website and app to see if this dating platform is right for you, and right for my mum.

Senior couple

What I focus on when reviewing a dating site?

What matters to me most is the fact that a hook-up site is here to make my life easier. I want to be able to easily find new sex partners in a safe and positive way.

Here’s what I’m looking for in a dating site or app, before anything else:

The popularity of the website: you want enough people to be active so you’re not left on “read”.

Confidentiality: Are your naughty conversations safe? Will non-members see you’re on this app? Does the app keep your data private? That’s a very important thing I like to check on apps and dating sites. Your confidentiality must be guaranteed.

The features: good features not only facilitate you meeting like-minded people – they also make it more fun for everyone involved.

– The price: how much does it cost to meet new sex partners? Is the price worth it? Are the features good for this price?

Who will I meet on this platform? Are there interesting prospects on this website? Will I find my next hook-up or my future life-long partner on the app? (To me, this category also includes the question of fake profiles and dead accounts. A website that is full of these will lead you nowhere.)

Our Time: is this dating website as good as they pretend to be?

Overall, I find Our Time to be quite a good website for singles over the age of 50. There are a few features I found annoying and I noted some down points for security (a lot of scammers are on the platform) but I also found that Our Time offers a good pool of users and filters to find your match.

My mum and I spent about one month on the app together and discussed what we liked and didn’t like about it to find out if it lived up to its fame. Of course I’ll give you more details about our experience, but first let’s see how it compares to other dating sites I’ve tested.

How does it compare to other dating sites?

Be Sexy – 4,5/5

My comments

One of my favourites, and one of the dating sites I spend the most time on. BeSexy is great fun and has excellent features to interact with other users, send photos, enjoy cams, etc.


Sex-positive community, large database of all ages.


  • Monthly subscriptions 3 different payment plans.
  • Free for women.

Our Time – 3,5/5

My comments

A good website that connects like-minded singles thanks to its features  The app and website are easy to use, which is great and inclusive for people who aren’t so tech-savvy. An app that works well. Security could be enhanced.


Single people over 50. Good pool of users, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Users looking for companionship, casual dates or marriage.

Too many scammers that never really get removed from the app.


  • Free account available: gives you access to limited features. 
  • Premium packages available in three durations : 
  • 1 month plan = 39.99 GBP. 
  • 3 months = 74.97 GBP or 24.99 GBP per month. 
  • 6 months plan = 19.99 GBP per month, so 119.94 GBP in total
  • + you can buy optional tokens to boost your profile, etc

Gleeden – 2,5/5

My comments

It’s a good enough website but I won’t spend my time on it. I like the credit (instead of subscription), which is without commitment and unlimited in time.


A lot of dodgy profiles.

A lot of “real” active profiles are here to fantasise an affair rather than having one.


  • No membership: you buy credits (unlimited in time)
  • Free for women


My personal experience on Our Time

Now the main question is: has Our Time managed to match me or my mum with a suitable man? Well, the answers are…….. yes, and yes.

My mum has met a few gentlemen in real life thanks to this app. I thought she would be looking for someone to settle with as quickly as possible, but as it turns out… Dating life has awoken something in her! She’s been enjoying meeting men and going on dates, and wants to keep doing just that before deciding anything. To be continued…

And when it comes to me… As you know, I’m always on the look-out for interesting and fun sex buddies, so the idea of meeting a hot dad was too appealing. I registered on the app and got on the 1-month premium plan. I chatted with a few hot dads and even met a couple of them… What can I say? I love research. And we actually had a great time!

Our Time platform

Who will you meet on this app?

Who is on Our Time?

If you’re looking for a one-night stand, Our Time might not be the right platform for you. Our Time is where you’ll go to have meaningful connections, either friendly or romantic. The site’s users tend to be focused on finding a long-term partner.

I found the profiles to be of quality, when they aren’t scammers.

Please note that you can set up a profile on Our Time even when you’re under 50. The platform allows anyone over the age of 18 to sign up for an account. Of course, they need to be interested in dating people over 50 if they want Our Time to be any good for them. You can set up your preferences to prevent matching with someone much younger than you are if you prefer though. Most members are over or close to retirement age.

You can filter your search by body type, number of children, profiles with photos or without photos, location by zip codes, status, religion, age group, zodiac sign, ethnicity…

Fake profiles / inactive accounts

The website has published policies and guidelines that are strictly moderated and enforced by the administrators. Sadly, there’s a tremendous amount of complaints due to fake accounts and scammers on the Our Time website. I find this especially concerning considering this is a dating site for seniors. Scammers might be harder to spot for this audience or for less tech-savvy people. I believe the company needs to enhance their security features.



How to sign up on Our Time? Is it an easy process?

You’ll be able to download the app from your regular Apple Store or Google Play, if you don’t want to use the browser version or if you want to have both options.

Signing up is pretty straightforward – which I find great – and you’ll be done in about 3 minutes.

First, submit all the necessary and usual details (who you are interested in, your age, and where you are from, for example). You’ll also be asked for your dating preferences, but you don’t need to fill these right away. You can come back to this section later and edit them as well.

You’ll be able to add up to 30 pictures on your profile, which is more than on most dating apps. The next stage in the signing-up process is to provide personal information. These aren’t mandatory of course, but I’d suggest you give enough to the website so their algorithm works in your favour and finds you relevant profiles and people that will tickle your fancy.

Form for sign in Our Time

As part of the signing-up process, you’ll also be asked to verify your email address. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get access to all the features available to free accounts. I’d suggest you explore the free features for a while before upgrading to a premium account if you feel like it.

Email Ourtime

Do you need to pay to use Our Time?

Creating an account on Our Time is free. Of course, a free membership will limit you in what you can do with it.
Paying for a premium account will give you access to more features. You’ll also have the option to buy tokens and boost your profile.

You have three options depending on how long you want to commit to Our Time: 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

The 1 month plan costs 39.99 GBP.

The 3 months premium membership will cost you 74.97 GBP (or 24.99 GBP per month).

The 6 months plan costs 19.99 GBP per month, for a total of 119.94 GBP. (Of course, this is the most affordable plan since you commit for a longer period of time)

There is also a separate payment if you only want to browse incognito. It costs 9.99 GBP per month, or if you prefer you can get it for 1.99 GBP a day.

Now, if you’re not sure the premium plan is worth it, remember there’s a three day free trial period. That gives you plenty of time to test out all the premium features and decide if you want to give them more of your time and money.

If you don’t want to pay by credit card (for example, if you don’t want Our Time to appear on your statements), you have the option to pay via PayPal. The prices on Our Time are slightly higher than other dating site services, in my experience. There is a small one-time fee added to the cost of your plan when you first sign up, then your subscription auto-renews. You can easily change or cancel your auto-renewed subscription via your online dashboard, email or by calling Our Time.

What are the best features on Our Time?

Free Features

Sticking to the free membership is a good way of experiencing Our Time without having to pay right away. Unfortunately, you’ll need a paid membership to communicate with matches. Here’s what you can get with a free account:

– Sending “winks”

– Creating your profile

– Searching for other users

– Adding people to your favourites list

– Using the “Blendr” feature

Little tip: there is a ‘Flirt’ button that acts like the poke button on Facebook. This is great if you use a free account, because it allows you to express your interest in other users even though you can’t message them.

Available with a premium plan

Email, Chat and Instant Message: You need a premium plan to chat with your matches and get to know them better. Useful to arrange a date with them, I believe.

Faves: You’ll be able to see who’s added you to their “favourites list” so you know they are interested in you.

Searching: You can apply filters to your search to find matches while browsing.

Profile and Message Highlights: Highlight your profile and messages in bright yellow, so they stand out in searches and the Our Time inboxes. You need to get the “Best Value” plan for this one.

Available with tokens

PromoteMe: Your profile goes to the top of search results for one day.

Notify Me: Get notified for 7 days when a specific member goes online.

Virtual Gifts: Send a virtual gift with your message to get the other person’s attention.

MatchMe: Your profile goes into the match lineup of a person you want to meet. That helps you see if that person is interested.

ConnectMe: You can speak to other members over the phone or via text message without revealing your phone number.

ProfilePro: A professional writer from Our Time will write your profile using the information you provided, to make it distinctive.

The advantages and disadvantages I see in this dating site


  • The app and website are easy to use, and the registration process is straight forward.
  • Profile pictures are visible to every member irrespective of their membership status, i.e., if they are paid or free users.
  • Variety of different payment options
  • Large user pool, good quality profiles


  • You really can’t do much with a free account
  • Communication features aren’t available with a free account
  • The website does not have an identity verification process, allowing too many scammers on the site.


Other users’ opinion

Considering my experience on dating sites, you know you can trust my opinion. But it’s always good to get other people’s point of view, isn’t it?

John says “I’ve certainly met a number of women on the site in a relatively short period of time… With that said, there are numerous factors that make this site frustrating as heck! There is a steady stream of scammers that deluge your profile [10-20 a day], I make sure I mark them as ‘scammers’ and block them; it’s an easy enough task… The website is very clunky and doesn’t refresh itself… The app has a few nice features, but by today’s standard is poorly developed…”

Cathy says “I went out on a lot of dates with this site. Everyone was nice and polite for the most part. There was one man who was vulgar and I never went out with him a second time. I didn’t meet my true love on a dating site but I was only on it for 6 months. My experience was positive.”

My overall opinion on Our Time

I wasn’t expecting much when joining this platform as I was mainly curious to see how it worked. I was actually surprised to see the pool of users is big and not bad at all. The features are interesting, even though very little of them are available for free (and the premium plans and tokens aren’t cheap). The security features are too weak and allow too many scammers to be on the platform, which I find especially dangerous for senior people who aren’t as used to it as younger generations are. I think this app is worth trying is you’re a single over 50 or if you’re younger but enjoy having older partners but don’t expect too much of it and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I’d maybe combine a niche platform like this to a dating site that attracts a larger variety of users, like maybe BeSexy.

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