My Personal Review of BeSexy: One Of The Best

Hello dear reader,

As you already know, I live a libertine life and I love trying all kinds of dating sites. Today, I thought I would tell you all about one of my favourite hook-up sites: BeSexy – Why it’s great, how it works and who you’ll meet on it. Let’s dive right in.

What’s BeSexy?

In their own words, BeSexy is the “World’s largest sex positive community”. I must say, this is not a lie: I’ve found people to be as open-minded and sex-positive as myself on this website, which is not the case on every dating site. BeSexy aims to be a safe, supportive community that encourages individuals to explore their sexuality, discover themselves and feel more empowered with their intimacy.
I find the concept to be inspiring and truly judgment-free. Basically, a concept we’ve been waiting for in the world of dating sites.  Yeey!

How does BeSexy work?

Signing up on the dating site

I’m happy to report that the registration process on BeSexy was very easy. It didn’t take me much time as the website allows you to register through your facebook account, which is the option I went for. If you don’t want to do that, there will be about 10 fields to fill in: quick and easy. Once you complete this process, it’s a whole new world that opens up to you. You’ll quickly find your way around the website as it’s very user-friendly and responsive.


As much as I love sharing my reviews and libertine adventures with you all, confidentiality is a big one for me. I need to be able to choose who can see me and who has access to my profile. Keep in mind that any member can see your profile picture. That means if you have an office job, you might want to keep this one soft enough. But the great thing is that BeSexy doesn’t allow people to check out your profile if they haven’t registered as a member. They can’t access any of your info either. You also have the option to add private photos and only allow access to the members you want to get extra kinky with. Overall, they’ve done a good job at keeping profiles private and confidential.

How much does it cost?

You might wonder. Well, you’ve got different payment plans depending on what you want from the website. You’ve got three options: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You know the drill: the more you pay, the more features you can access – like being able to get more contact requests per day, having your profile displayed in the top ranking, accessing unlimited webcam chats, sending unlimited messages between fans, adding more photos to your profile, etc.

So, what are the features available on BeSexy?

Also a fair question. Let me tell you about my favourite features available on this website.


Of course, being able to match with people is pretty important on a website that is as popular as BeSexy. When two people like each other, they send each other a “kiss”, a “like” or a message. That’s a match. A kiss and a like are pretty much the same thing, in my opinion. I use a “kiss” as a “super like”, but maybe that’s just me. I don’t know if that’s a silent rule or if I made it up. I also click on the little hearts in the Speedflirt section when I really fancy someone or find them extra hot. Speedflirt is a feature that helps you find people that correspond to your search criteria. Then you can decide to like one of these profiles, and if they like you back: it’s a match! Of course, you also have the option to decline them. And if you were too quick to decline and regret the potential match, no worries: you can click on the little “Back” icon and like them instead. Sometimes, a second-look might lead to a match J


Oh I really like this feature. You get to send private snapshots to people you’re chatting with. I love sending a little tease that disappears forever once it was seen. That’s a great way to break the ice and go from “hello, what’s your name, where do you live” to “I think you’re hot and we should explore each other’s body” in just one photo. You can choose to share snaps with the whole community. And if you’re home and can’t be bothered taking a hot picture of yourself at this precise moment, you can cheat! The website allows you to upload an existing photo instead of creating a new one.

Video chat

A good video chat is a MUST for any hook-up site that aims for perfection, in my opinion. I love being able to have online sex with my matches if we feel like it, or using the video chat for foreplay, sexy chats, or even friendly chats sometimes. For me, the video chat is also a good way to “meet” people and see how they move, how they speak with me, how they behave before actually meeting them in person. It’s like an extra safe first date and it can be great fun. BeSexy’s video technology works great and is available as soon as you’ve matched with another member or when a member is one of your fans. Go on, explore your desires safely and from home with this video chat! Show the bits you want, have fun playing with different camera angles, accessories, toys, make-up, outfits…

The people you’ll meet on BeSexy

BeSexy has an advanced search bar that can help you to meet the right people. You can focus your search on location, content, interests and other criteria. So if you have specific kinks you want to explore, you can actually use them as a criteria. But I prefer keeping my criteria wide enough and see where the conversation leads us later. It’s good to keep room for imagination.

I was approached by singles, couples, straight and bisexual people (as I am open to having sex with women as well as men). Keep in mind you also have the option to add a “nudity filter”.

To conclude, I find the BeSexy website really cool. The fact that it’s so popular means there’s plenty of people on it and chances are you’ll find potential partners to explore with. People are pretty open-minded, diverse and inclusive. I’ve had great chats and great sex thanks to BeSexy. Thumbs up! J

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