Who is Emily?

Who is Emily

Hello dear reader,

I hear you’d like to know more about me. And you know what? I’d love to tell you more about myself! No, no… I won’t tell you everything. I’ll only give you little hints. It will be just like when a dress reveals beautiful shoulders and cleavage, but leaves the rest to the imagination.

Who Am I?

My name is Emily and I’m 30 years old. I mostly live in Bristol but spend a lot of time in London for work. I love living between these two beautiful and vibrant cities, because I get to go out a lot and live my life to the fullest. It’s very important for me to have fun in everything I do.

This idea of fun is what has led me to live a libertine life. I love exploring my sexuality with or without a partner and gain confidence doing so. To be honest, the more I explore and learn, the more I want to share my experience with you guys. For example, one thing I LOVE is meeting new people on dating sites.

What Do I Look Like?

Well actually, if you’re on the same dating sites as I am, you might have seen me. You probably didn’t know you had read my articles though and I love that. 😀

So for those of you who are wondering about me, here are a few facts:

  • I’m a brunette with green eyes
  • I am about 5ft 6in (about 170cm for my foreign readers)
  • My brown hair go down to my shoulders
  • I have quite a voluptuous figure (okay, that means I have generous breasts and a slim waist)
  • My favourite day-time outfit: a skirt, my brown leather boots, and a simple but cute shirt. I sometimes have to wear a blazer for work but will always try to make it look sexy.
  • I have two small feminine tattoos (but I won’t tell you where)
  • My favourite outfit to go out: a simple sexy dress that highlights the curves of my body
  • My favourite outfit at night, with a partner or just by myself 😉 : my little black see-through kimono. I feel super sexy and almost naked in it.
  • I like escaping the city to spend time in nature
  • I practice pilates every week. It helps me feel good and strong in my body (as well as flexible 😉 )

And that’s all I will give away for now. But if you manage to cross these information with my profile on one of my favourite dating sites, you definitely get a head start and I promise I’ll reply to your message. So don’t be shy!