My personal review of Milfpins

Hello dear readers,

I’ve recently come across the website Milfpins that claims to help you find milfs near you. Since I didn’t know much about it, I decided to try it and see what it was like to give you proper ratings and feedbacks. I mean, at first it was mainly for research but after giving it more thoughts: why not find myself a hot milf to hook up with?

If you know me, you know I live in Bristol, UK, but also spend a lot of time in London. Wherever I am, I love meeting new people, even if it’s only to hook up and never see each other again. Let’s face it: I’m not really looking for love at the moment. So having good tools to facilitate meeting partners is crucial to nourish my libertine lifestyle and can save me a lot of time.

If you’re like me, you probably hate wasting your time on bad dating websites. Are you wondering if milfpins is a good fit for you to hook up with hot moms? Let me try it for you and tell you all about it. We shall see what it’s worth.

This is who I am, and yes: you need to read my review and learn from it

My name is Emily and I’m 31 years of age. It’s majorly important for me to have fun in every aspect of my life and in everything I do – and that’s what has led me to live a libertine life. This lifestyle makes me incredibly happy. I love exploring my sexuality with or without a partner and gain confidence doing so. I feel more and more empowered in my life and I’m certain it has to do with adopting a libertine lifestyle.

And of course, the more I explore and learn, the more I want to share my experience with you guys. As you might already know, I travel a lot between London and Bristol, two vibrant cities with a lot to offer. And because I travel a lot, I love using dating apps and hook-up sites to meet new people along the way. Being a customer on these makes my life easier and sending you my feedback is a way of making yours easier as well. As a consumer, I sometimes wish I could get more helpful feedback from the female perspective.

I mostly meet men, but I’ll often meet women as well, and sometimes couples if I’m in the mood.

I hate wasting my time on websites that are not worth it, or that make it more difficult than fun for me to organise dates. So because I want you to have as much fun as me in the bedroom, I will be very honest in my reviews and feedback: what I like, what I don’t like and if I think you should avoid the website altogether or if it’s worth giving it a try. If I tell you I like a website, you can trust is already me: I really do. If not, learn from my feedback and get on a different hook-up site (you’ll find suggestions in this article).

What’s milfpins, the website to get a date with a hot milf?

Milfpins is a dating website that was founded in 2019, so it’s still quite new. This particular website specialises in the milf category. So as a consumer, if you’re look for a more experienced woman, or a woman who is not looking for any commitment because she already has a partner and children, milfpins might be just what you’re looking for. One of the benefits of this dating site is that it welcomes people with straight, gay and lesbian sexual orientation.
But if you’re looking for love, this might not be where to look for it.
Please note that Milfpins has now moved on to a new domain: – though they offer the same range of services and subscriptions.

Do you believe this description matches what you’re looking? Would you like to get a date with a hot milf? Then read my feedback and rating to find out more about my own experience as a consumer on this dating website.

As a consumer, what do I focus on when reviewing a hook-up site?

What matters to me most is the fact that a hook-up site is here to make my life easier. I want to be able to easily find new sex partners in a safe and positive way.

I base my feedback on what is going to make my life easier:

  • The popularity of the website: you want enough people of all ages to be active.
  • The features: good features not only make meeting people easier, but they also make it more fun. 
  • The price: how much does it cost to meet new sex partners? Is the price worth it? Are the features good for this price?
  • Who will I meet on this platform? (To me, this category also includes the question of fake profiles and dead accounts.  A website that is full of these will lead you nowhere.)

Learn how Milfpins compare to other dating sites

As you already know, hook-up sites and dating websites are all over the Internet. And yes, you’ll find plenty of lists that rank them too, but you can’t always trust them. This is why it’s not always easy to navigate all websites and apps have to offer as well as which to choose, which to trust and which to avoid at all cost.

From my research as a consumer, what I can say about Milfpins’ reputation is that… it’s pretty bad. Their rank is pretty low on the list and the feedback is not good. It is considered to be full of fake profiles, not safe to use and pretty much useless. Let’s compare it to other websites I have tried in the past, shall we?

Milfpins’ rank and ratings compared to other hook-up sites

I don’t necessarily rank the dating sites I try, but it’s always great to see how they compare.

Hook-up siteMy CommentsMembersPriceMy Opinion
Flirt LocalFlirtlocal has gained a lot of popularity in only a short period of time, which makes it fun because there’s a lot of active and fun users. I also appreciate the organised and clean layout. Good features!Active, sex-positive members3-day trial   Monthly subscriptions 3 different payment plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold subscriptions)   Same price for men and women    4/5
BeSexyOne of my favourites… BeSexy is great fun and has excellent features to interact with other users, send photos, enjoy cams, etc. This is a big Yes for me.Sex-positive community, large database, all agesMonthly subscriptions 3 different payment plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold subscriptions)   Same price for men and women4.5/5
MilfpinsI hate wasting my time on a website that is not worth it. Not enough good features. Having to pay (a lot of money) to chat to people who don’t exist or never want to meet in real life is a mood-killer for me. Pass.Pretty non-existent, or hidden in a sea of fake profiles and bots.No trial plan   Milf Pins uses a coins/credit system2/5

Feedback on my personal experience on Milfpins

Let me tell you about what really happened when I got online and tried this dating website.

Yes : from the moment I registered on Milfpins, a lot of profiles exactly contacted me to chat and hook up online. But almost… too many. I know for a fact that things take a little bit of time when you join a new platform. Nobody gets 5 or 6 requests to chat in the first 2 minutes on a dating site. Except from fake profiles?

As an experiment, I decided to try and engage in a real conversation with one of these “people”. But there’s a catch: the website decided to use a coin system. That means you have to pay for every message (of 400 characters) you send. I chatted a bit more with this person and decided to offer them to meet in real life. They agreed to the idea but always had an excuse not to meet now. I received a lot of “be patient”, “I just can’t right now”, and “let’s chat a bit more here”. Everything to keep you chatting on the platform.

After weeks on the platform, I can say I’ve never met anybody on the platform that I could meet, let alone hook-up with. Conversations never went really far, people never agreed to meet, and profiles almost seemed too good to be real.

In the end, I didn’t really enjoy this experience.

Who visits Milfpins? Who will you meet?

This website says to be open to all genders and sexual orientation, which is great. The idea is to meet milfs, no matter their age (over 18 of course) to have a great time with. Overall, the concept is great, right?

Too bad I didn’t come across enough real profiles to have real sexy chats and potentially hook-up with a hot milf. In the end, I can’t really tell who you’ll get to meet on milfpins as it looks like you won’t meet anybody real. And that, to me, is a deal-breaker.

The subscription process

To visit a dating site should always be easy. Milfpins’ registration process is pretty simple, although not the shortest. You have 12 fields to fill before behind able to use the dating side.

Milfpins doesn’t allow you to see any profiles if you are not registered as a member. This gives you a basic level of privacy. If you want more privacy, you have the option to mask your profile photos and only allow access to the online members you approve. That can be useful if you don’t want to be seen on the platform or if you think you might know people on the website.
Hook-up sites often offer a panic button that you can press to quickly redirect you to another website. Milfpins doesn’t offer this feature.

It is technically impossible for other people to intercept your messages as all data is sent through an SSL connection, meaning the website should be safe.

Age: Subscriptions are only open to people who are at least 18 years of age, of course. A customer bellow that age will not the authorized on the website.

Do you need to pay to use milfpins? Do you need to buy credit and coins?

Yes. Milfpins operate on a coin and credit model, meaning each customer needs to pay to use a feature. That’s right, you won’t go far for free.

To explain this clearly, when a customer wants to send a message, it will cost them credit – an equivalent of £1.10 to £1.50 per message. As a consumer, I by far prefer monthly subscriptions as there are most benefits. 

This dating website doesn’t offer any free trial or free feature so if you want to give it a go, you’ll have to purchase the minimum of 200 coins for credit.

My feedback on this is that I find these services pretty expensive. And if you were wondering: yes, your credit disappears very quickly if you want to have a conversation with someone. Most services and websites offer their consumers, at least women, free features, free subscription, or some kind of benefits.

The best features of Milfpins for female interactions

The best porn or hook-up sites are the ones that offer the best features. And I think you get the idea: I’m not too happy with milfpins. And that’s why the feature I enjoyed the most is the feature that enabled me to block users. The “block user” feature allows you to no longer see or hear from a person you are not interested in.  

This tool is not always available on dating websites and, from what I got to learn, it is pretty important. Especially when other users send you inappropriate content or pics online, bother you, or are too insistent. In addition, you can also report anyone acting inappropriately to the site’s moderators.

Milfpins unfortunately doesn’t allow you to search specific profiles or pics (based on gender, age, users online now, etc). What it does offer is a local search filter option. This is pretty good if you only want to meet milfs that you’ll be able to date in real life. This option will help you meet local milfs only.

Another features offers you to get extra visibility to increase your chances of matching with another user and get an actual date. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for this feature as it is not available otherwise.

I wish I could see more genuine good pics, visit more chat rooms and video chats to get hot female interactions…

The benefits and disadvantages I see in this hook-up site


  • Block user button
  • The local search filter option to get an actual date


  • Searches not available
  • No mobile app
  • Too many fake profiles
  • The coin system is not the best model. I prefer monthly subscriptions.

Other users’ opinion, reviews, ratings & feedbacks

Considering my experience on dating sites, you know you can trust my opinion. But it’s always good to get other people’s point of view, isn’t it? A little warming: the reviews, feedbacks and ratings I’ve seen online aren’t very good. You’ll find plenty more customer reviews online if you want.

Frank has the best piece of advice for you: “Of course it’s a con. If you want to test this out put a code word or number in your written profile which anyone responding has to mention when messaging you. You will notice that the computer doesn’t read what you say and so the responses are missing your code and also your name. Try it out and save some money.”

Max, another unhappy customer adds: “You start talking to people on it for a while and just when you think you’re getting somewhere with someone on the site they never want to take it further and the amount you have to pay to buy coins to me is expensive”.

My overall opinion to conclude this review

This hook-up website was a big disappointment as I found the idea to be quite attractive, but the results were not at all what I had hoped. Not only was my experience unsuccessful, it was also very unpleasant and felt very frustrating. Overall, it doesn’t deliver on its promise to help you find hot milfs near you. Is there any real milf on this website? I don’t know, and at this stage, I’m not really interested in finding out. I’m just going to visit my favourite hook-up sites and apps or stay at home and watch good porn. But you know me, I’ll soon get subscriptions on a new website and tell you all about my experience as a customer. Stay tuned!

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