My personal review of Flirt Local

As you might know, I mostly live in Bristol, UK, but spend a lot of time in London for work. Considering how important it is for me to have fun in everything I do, I try meeting people in both cities even when I’m only looking for a hook up.

Having good tools to facilitate meeting partners that nourish my libertine lifestyle is essential and helps me save a lot of time. That’s why I signed up to Flirt Local – a hook-up site dedicated to helping people meet other sex-positive people in their area.

To know more about Flirt Local and find out if this dating site is for you before registering – so basically to help you not to waste time and focus on having a great time – here’s my experience of Flirt Local. I’ll try and give you as much information as I possibly can.

Who am I and why you might want to read my review

My name is Emily and I’m 30 years old. The idea of having fun in every aspect of my life and in everything I do has led me to live a libertine life. This lifestyle makes me very happy. I love exploring my sexuality with or without a partner and gain confidence doing so. To be honest, the more I explore and learn, the more I want to share my experience with you guys. I naturally love meeting new people on dating sites and hook up sites.

I mostly meet men, but I’ll often meet women as well, and sometimes couples if I’m in the mood.

I hate wasting my time on websites that are not worth it, or that make it more difficult than fun for me to organise dates. So to avoid you wasting your own precious time, I’m gonna be very honest in my reviews: what I like, what I don’t like and if I think you should avoid the website altogether or if it’s worth giving it a try. If I tell you I like a website, you can trust me: I really do.

Okay now let’s dive in.

What’s Flirt Local ?

Flirt Local is a hook-up site that introduces you to people near you. It is open to heterosexual, homosexual and lesbian orientations. It is now 4 years old as it was created in 2018 and it’s definitely growing in popularity. I wouldn’t personally qualify this site as a dating site in the sense that nobody is here to date: they’re here to hook up with sex-positive people and to explore their sexuality together.

The great thing about that is that it’s a safe space for you to explore your kinks, discover new ones, meeting fun and understanding people who live the same lifestyle as you.

Do you feel like this might be a good fit for you?
Then read on, my friend.

What I focus on when reviewing a hook-up site?

What matters to me most is the fact that a hook-up site is here to make my life easier. I want to be able to easily find new sex partners in a safe and positive way.

What is going to make it easier is the following:

The popularity of the website: you want enough people to be active.

The features: good features not only make meeting people easier, but they also make it more fun. 

– The price: how much does it cost to meet new sex partners? Is the price worth it? Are the features good for this price?

Who will I meet on this platform? (To me, this category also includes the question of fake profiles and dead accounts.  A website that is full of these will lead you nowhere.)

Is Flirt Local a leader on the Market?

There’s a plethora of hook-up sites available online. It’s sometimes hard to navigate which to choose, which to trust and which are to avoid at all cost.

Flirt Local has gained a good reputation over the years. It is considered safe and easy to use, with plenty of active users on the platform. Let’s compare it to other websites to see things clearer, shall we?

Is Flirt Local better than other hook-up sites dedicated to local hook-ups?

Hook-up siteMy CommentsMembersPriceMy Opinion
Flirt LocalFlirtlocal has gained a lot of popularity in only a short period of time, which makes it fun cause there’s a lot of active and fun users. I also appreciate the organised and clean layout.Active, sex-positive members3-day trial   Monthly subscriptions 3 different payment plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold subscriptions)   Same price for men and women    4/5
Adult Friend FinderThis one is not my favourite as I don’t find it as fun nor easy to use as some others. But it’s not horrible at all, you might want to check it out.Not as many active members, but still funSame price for men and women  3,5/5
BeSexyOne of my favourites… BeSexy is great fun and has excellent features to interact with other users, send photos, enjoy cams, etc.Sex-positive community, large databaseMonthly subscriptions 3 different payment plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold subscriptions)   Same price for men and women4,5/5

My personal experience on Flirt Local

Let’s talk about what really happens on the website.
Since I registered on Flirt Local, a number of people have approached me to chat and potentially hook up. I wasn’t interested in every single profile (I mean, that’s pretty normal isn’t it?) but I’ve met some really good-looking and interesting people as well.

I accepted to meet two men in real life after meeting them on the platform. The first one was cute but I didn’t feel like going home with him, the sexy vibe was just not there for me. But the second one was great, we had great sex and he was fun, kinky and respectful. The definition of a very positive experience for me!

Who will you meet on this platform?

This website attracts people from all backgrounds and experience. The only rule is that they need to be near you. This website is open to straight and gay members. The fact that you have to pay a monthly subscription kind of filters users. The people who are active on this website are serious about wanting to find sex partners.

There’s plenty of men and women in their thirties; so it was fairly easy for me to start chatting with other users. You’ll have no problem finding people who are a bit older or younger either.

Just like on any other platform, you’ll find too many fake profiles and dead accounts on Flirt Local. I know, it’s very annoying, but unavoidable I’m afraid.

The subscription process

It is fairly easy to subscribe to this website. You only have about 10 fields to fill. Alternatively, you can register with your Facebook account.

I don’t have much to report on this: I like an efficient yet safe subscription process and it’s what Flirt Local provided.

Do you need to pay to subscribe?

Well, the subscription is free of charge and you get a 3-day trial for about 3£. This leaves you plenty of time to explore and get an idea of what this hook-up site is about. The price is the same for men and women and you can choose between 3 different types of membership: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  

A monthly subscription will cost an average of 32$ (so about 25£ at the moment). I consider it cheaper than a bad date, and about the same price as your typical hook-up site subscription.

The features I enjoy the most on Flirt Local

This website is straight forward, easy to use and I appreciate the clean and organised layout, if not super attractive. But it’s easy to navigate. There’s nothing mad about the design, I’m not going to lie about that. But it does the job.

The criteria you can select on Flirt Local include:

– Gender


– With photos only

– Online right now

The advanced search bar allows you to be more specific in your search. For example, how near you want people to be. Very handy when you’re in a big city, which is my case when I’m in London. You can also select the type of experience or people you’re looking for and all. Flirt Local offers their members a personality test that will then influence their search algorithm and help them find the right people for them.

Since the website is popular, it can sometimes be complicated to stand out, but there’s an option you can select for you to appear in the top search. More people will see your profile then 😉

The platform allows you to invite members to start a private conversation. That includes the option to start a webcam chat, which I find excellent to meet someone for the first time in the comfort and safety of your own home. You can see your match and have fun together without leaving the couch: that’s a yay for me.

The advantages and disadvantages I see in this hook-up site


  • Direct chat
  • Private profiles
  • Possible to red flag dodgy profiles so that the website can verify them again
  • Easy to navigate and use


  • No app
  • No identity check
  • No anonymous payment method
  • The design could improve

My overall opinion

This hook-up site does the job I need it to do: hook me up with sexy people near me. In that, it really delivers on its promise. I’d appreciate an app for this site, but as it’s still new-ish on the market I’m hoping it’s on its way. Overall, I’d recommend Flirt Local, it’s worth the investment.

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